Monday, January 21, 2013

Quilt Along - Name and Book Suggestions

The poll results are in. I'm excited to announce that we are going to be starting a Misfit Quilt Along! I joined a couple last year and they were very fun! What we are going to do is vote on what book we would like to start with. Then we will pick a pattern from that book every month or every other month. Each week we will have a goal to complete (cutting, piecing blocks, piecing rows, completing the top, and finishing). I will set up a timeline so everyone will know what to expect. You don't have to do every pattern. You can pick and choose what month you join in. You might not like the particular pattern or you are too busy.

I would love to have some suggestions for books. I've been searching the last week or so and there are some great books our there. Please comment with your suggestion. It can be a book of only quilts or a book that has quilts and other sewing projects in it. I will link the books that you suggest in this post and then post a poll so that we can all pick the one we want to start with.

I will have a button up for our quilt along soon.

Other news:

So far we only have 2 people interested in the Sweetheart Swap for February. We need at least 4 more people to join or I will have to cancel it. :-(

I am in the process of making a fun crafty thing starting in February. I can't wait to unveil it soon!

Stray stitches,

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