Monday, March 3, 2014

March BOM - Hexagon Spiderweb Block

March is an awesome month. It's Hexagonal Awareness month and March 14th is Pi and Save a Spider Day.

Let's talk about hexagons. There are many ways to make hexagons: paper pieced, template, pre-cuts, etc. You can sew them by hand or machine. There are a lot of different patterns from traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden, HexyMF by Katy of A Ginger Monkey, to modern asymmetrical ones like the one we're going to make by Pink Chalk Studios.

Here are a couple that I've made. 

These were made using an acrylic template and sewn on my machine.

I made these by hand using paper templates.

So this will be a super easy machine sewn Spiderweb Hexagon. I usually have to have everything symmetrical, but I really like the look of these hexagons. Spiderwebs usually are woven to the area that they find and aren't always symmetrical. I think that these are the perfect combination of the two patterns. Pink Chalk Fabrics has an easy to follow instruction on how to make your hexagon blocks. If you want to have a symmetrical hexagon you can print a template off on foundation paper and paper piece the strips.

Be sure to post your pictures to our Facebook group, Flickr group, or both.

Happy stitching.

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